Monday, January 30, 2012

Wesley's letter 1-30-12

Hey friends and fam,

Just holdin it down here in the heart of Merida. I’m in an internet café, that’s behind a hair salon, which is behind a sunglasses/ wristwatch stand. Idk how we found it haha!

Well, once again this is going to be the last time writing you before transfers so the next letter you get from me could be from Cancun or Oxcuxcab, or I could even stay here in the same place for another 4 months but who knows?

My mom's been asking for more stories so here’s one: two days ago we were walking a member home after divisions at about 8:45pm and our curfew outside is at 9:00pm. I got a feeling that we should go visit the Hermana Bertha and as I was telling my companion the cell phone rang and what do ya know it was La Hermana Bertha and she wanted us to come to her house as quickly as possible so we told her we were already on our way.

We rushed to her house and when we got there, she came out to greet us and everything, then she invited us in to meet her niece.

Her niece was sitting on a stool weeping. We did the typical missionary stuff to calm her down and started asking her what was up. As it turns out she had a mountain of problems some of which I won’t explain in this letter because they were really messed up, what had been going on with her life.
She told us how her Aunt Bertha had explained to her the difference the gospel had made in her life along with her baptism. For her, her Aunt Bertha was the only real person in her life she could look to for help. Before we even finished the lesson she asked if us she could be baptized. We have a baptismal date for her planed the 18th of February.

I feel that a story like this has happened for the majority of the people that have been baptized in my mission and each one is unique to the individual.

Anyway I’m almost out of time so I’ll just explain some of the photos.

The one with kids fighting in the street is actually pretty funny, there was just a group of chavos hangin out in the street and when we walked by they asked us for candy we told them we have some thing better. We gave them a pamphlet and went on our way. As we looked back it turns out the kids really like Jesus because they had all started what looked like a game of keep away with the pamphlet.

There’s one where my companion is on the back of a motorcycle because the trici taxi was too full, so he had to hop on back with the rider.

I’m outa time, write me more homies,
Smith out

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