Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wesley's letter 1-2-12

Alrighty well, I thought I’d actually send you some photos this week because the computers for some reason are letting me do it now.

So this last week a lot has been happening, my Spanish has been getting worse because of my white comp, but in terms of numerical success I think this transfer is probably gonna be as good as it gets on a mission!

These last few weeks have been a little more hectic than most but that’s ok because I’ve gotten some cool stories out of it!

I know Elder Higginson pretty well now and we’re totally homies so you can tell the Holmes that. There’s a photo here of when we did division and went to a Costco so he could buy a camera and we got some pizza too, so that was chill.

Allright, I’ll explain some of the other photos, so you know what they are. One is of us, and our ward’s Bishop. The other one of the dog is just funny because it shows the dumb funny stuff that goes on here, some Padilla (gang) or something, tagged this stray dog with spray paint so naturally I had to take a picture.

These other pictures are of when we went Christmas caroling in El Centro. The photo of the three dummies is actually a pretty sweet tradition here. They are all supposed to be old men representing the year 2011 and are full of fire works! On New Years you’re supposed to light it on fire. At midnight Saturday we were both sound asleep until everyone encendió sus viajitos. Then it was about 20 minutes of the entire city going off with every sort of bombita.

The picture of the man on his vespa is our Elder’s Quorum President and that’s his business, he’s a tortilla deliveryman.

All right, I think that covers most of the photos. Oh ya, the one with the lady with the machete, that’s la hermana Valencia Espadas and she is one of the sisters in the ward that usually feeds us.

Not much more to be said. I miss you all way too much, so I need more letters. Include in the letters more news stuff. For you guys, most things now a days aren’t a big deal, but for me, I don’t have Facebook or have news readily available, so the United States could be in world war 3 and I wouldn’t know about it.

Not just world news but personal news too. I would like to know what everyone is up to these days. For me it’s a lot more interesting than you would think.

Oh, and for the 2012 end of the world “schpiel”, I’m here in Maya land so don’t worry, I’m working on it.

Much Love,
Smith out

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