Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Sup FAM and Mom?

Just another week here in Mex-ville. This week has been a little more hectic crazy than the rest and I am not well rested.

I’ve got a few different funny stories this week but first I’ll explain some of the stories behind these photos.

The one of the man barbequing is of a guy from our ward who actually served in the same mission as Collin, at the same time (Elder Chan don’t know if you ever met him). Anyway he’s cooking what is the Yucateco classic Poc-chuc on a fan grid resting on a tire rim. That’s how we do barbeque in the Yucatan.

The photo of the missionary holding the puppy is Elder Soto from Bolivia and the puppy is the pet of a family we’re teaching. The way they found this puppy is they went out into the forest when they were on vacation and found it.

Actually the entire family is getting baptized this week.

The story behind Elder Soto is that when he was in Bolivia the missionaries found him and his family, however, they were all pretty devout Catholics so Elder Soto was the only one that got baptized. From that point on he started preparing for a mission, in secret, without telling his parents. Later over a few months he collected shirts and ties and luggage bags. On the day of his flight to the MTC in Peru, he was leaving his house in his suit and everything; his mom asked if he was going to one of his church meetings.
He said “sort of”
She asked when he’d be back.
“Oh, around 2013”
Every one started crying and everything. He got set apart an hour later and then went his merry way on to Peru.

The picture of the woman is la Hermana Bertha on the day of her baptism. Hermana Bertha is in 3rd Nephi now in the Book of Mormon and is a full convert and preparing for the temple to do her deceased husband’s work. So I’m pretty syked about that.

The picture of the pink house is just a fine example of Yucateco engineering. “Lets put in a second story entrance just in case we feel like building a staircase. There’s no way we’re building it now, we’re on a budget.”
That’s what they were probably thinking when they designed that house. Or they’re just some pretty messed up pranksters.

Well, one other story before I tie this up, is the other night we were waiting for our bus to take us home when a boracho comes trotting down the road in his truck bed chariot (plank of wood with a truck axel underneath being pulled by a horse, I’ll sent you a picture of one) Then with new found confidence or just wanting to show off to the Mormons, his face got stern and full of focus he threw his beer on the ground and yelled "¡Vaya Relamapago!" whipped his horse and went storming into the night passing us on his way!

That’s all for today nos vemos,
Elder Smith

Ps Tell Garrett and Matt Passmore I want their addresses so I can send them letters.

Tricky Elder Smith

Elder Soto and puppy found in the forest.

Bbq on a fan faceplate that is on top of a tire rim!

Door with no stairs


Elder Smith the elf

Tortilla deliveryman and Elder's Quorum President

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