Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wesley's letter 1-10-12

Well, just shootin ya a noteski from Maya land, unfortunately I’m not going to be able to send pictures because I left my card reader at the house and I’m gonna have to write a little bit less today because we’re running late.

Anyway, how’s everyone doing? I’m doing pretty good here. We spent about 2 hours cleaning the house today with gnarly chemicals. Pretty much just sprayed acid all over the bathroom. It literally sizzles as it touches the tile floor and I still don’t think it’ll be enough. That bath room is sick!

And for stories this week there aren’t a ton. One of the guys in the ward’s tailor gave me a zoot suit from like the 50s, so that was pretty sick. I don’t think I can wear it as a missionary, but well see. Maybe I’ll just send it home to enjoy later.

This week the Hermana Bertha (Verta pronounced in español) got baptized, so that’s pretty crazy awesome! And she says she wants to go to the temple someday, so that made me super syked.

This week wasn’t really story filled. The highlight story was when this one investigator showed up to church completely boracho, so instead of letting him go to the other ward’s sacrament meeting he came with us to Elders Quorum and made a scene. Don’t worry, nothing bad, just kind of yell-talking his thoughts, so that was mostly funny.

I’ll talk to you a lot more next week,
Elder Smith

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