Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wesley's Letter 3-18-13

Surprise, I’ve got good news for any potential friend that would like to write me, I can now write Via emails so that means you don’t have to be cave men and write me hand written letters any more!!!!! The sad thing is that I don’t have anyone’s email addresses, but just so you know here’s my mission address wesley.smith@myldsmail.net So now you can all write me at any time.!!!!!Yeah, so that’s purdy chill.

So this week things keep going pretty well, we baptized 2 more this last week and we’ve got plenty more getting ready, including a family, so that’s pretty exciting.

This week we had a few run ins with some drunks and drug addicts, I feel my technique to not getting robbed or even bothered by them is getting a lot better, you just got to show complete confidence and try to confuse or distract them. Yeah, so I now know how to deal with them a lot better. Also I’m starting to learn my testimony in Maya so I can share it in my home coming talk.

Alrighty, so on top of that things have been going pretty well. To church we’ve been bringing like an average of 11 investigators every week.

Today we went and played volleyball and it reminded me of just how horrible I am at that game. Haha it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any kind or recreational activities besides walking.

Wow I can’t believe how much has happened on these last two years. Every time I write I basically have brain failure and don’t know what to say but just to let you know a lot has happened. I’ll be excited to tell all the mission stories in person.

Wesley's Letter 3-11-13


It’s officially official, June 13th is when the Smithster is going to be back for summer. Awwwww yeeeah, which means I’m going to be back the Thursday when all the schools get out for summer. Vaca yep it’s going to be SIIIIICKCKCKCKCK.

But anyway about the mission, this week and for the next few weeks straight we're going to start baptizing again so WHOOOOOP WHOOP! The work here in Motul has been going quite smoothly. But this could be my last week here because transfers are coming up again and seeing as how I have only 2 more transfers left, if I’m going to get changed again before the end of my mission, it’ll be more than likely in this transfer, because it doesn’t happen too often that a missionary gets transferred his last 6 weeks in the mission.

Every day we see miracles and I keep getting better and better and before I know it, I’m going to get sent home right when I’m at the top of my game. It’s a darn shame. But as it stands I’m very satisfied with the mission experience. It is by far the most significant thing I’ve done my entire life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I’m sorry but I’m all outa time. I’ll write more next week and send pics.


Wesley's Letter 3-4-13


Sorry I have some important stuff to do today so the letter is going to be a little shorter than usual, and I think I’ll write it in Spanish today.

Bueno, esta semana hemos tenido varias experiencias poderosas y la obra aquí en el pueblito-cito de Motul sigue para arriba. Quizás, no les haya dicho que el nombre de mi compañero actual es Elder Torrentera, del estado de puebla. Soy su entrenador así que, soy su primer compañero en el campo misional. Tiene 18 años. Será uno de mis compañeros mas futbolistas que haya tenido en la mission. Siempre anda en su playera del equipo de puebla, y casi murió de tristeza cuando averiguó de la regla de que en la Misión México Mérida, no podemos jugal fútbol. Cuando andamos en las calles y hallamos una naranja tirada en la orrilla de banqueta ya empieza un partida entre el equipo de las barras y estrellas y el equipo del tri color, y el que meta los mas goles entre los pies del otro gana.

Well, this week we’ve had various powerful experiences and the work here in the small town of Motul continues to improve. Maybe I haven’t told you the name of my current companion, Elder Torrentera, from the state of Puebla. I am his trainer and his first companion in the mission field. He is 18 years old and is the most dedicated soccer fan that I’ve had in the mission. He is always wearing his jersey for the Puebla soccer team and almost died of misery when he found out about the Merida Mission rule is that we cannot play soccer. When we walk in the street and find orange traffic cones by the curb, inevitably a soccer game starts up between the stars and stripes (US national team) and the tri color (Mexican national team). Whoever gets the most goals through the feet of the other wins.

That was about my comp. He’s a pretty chill fella. Anyway I’m off like a Myan guy’s shirt on a hot day.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wesley's Letter 2-25-13

Sup Thuglets,

This letter is dedicated to my new niece Juliet who was almost born on my birthday. She’s the best and I can’t wait to see her in less than 4 months.

I’m psyched to hear about the mission dividing, but sad that the Crickmores aren’t going to open the Cancun Mission. Either way that’s awesome that they’re going to Mexico City, it's famous for being the highest baptizing city in all of Mexico, and I’m pretty sure the world, so tell them congrats...

So to let you know, I’m going to be officially the last generation of missionaries to finish in the mission Mexico-Merida while it still includes Cancun.

One cool story this week, so we went to Kaxatha again and while we were there a member referred us to an inactive family, where the dad actually had served as missionary but later fell away.

When we went the guy came out and straight up told us, "I seriously promise you that I’ll never go back to the church and I know my wife is never going to go either! I’m done with the church."
All I told him was to go and look at his collection of mission pictures and reflect on the many lives he had touched during those 2 years, and he started to cry. He immediately said that he had made a lot of mistakes and that he often thought of how happy he was when he attended the church with his wife and kids.

He told us to come back the next day to teach his kids and his wife. When we came back the next day, man was his wife mad that he had invited us over because they had gone through almost every bad thing that a family could and she was done listening. Either way we went in and taught them. I’m not 100% sure what I said but I do know that it was one of the most dramatic changes of spirit in that one room cinderblock house. He and his wife both looked fatigued and sour in the beginning but finishing the lesson they had a completely different appearance.

He said, ”Its been at least 2 weeks since we have smiled, and thanks to you young men and the message you bring, I got to see my wife smile again.” They walked to church on Sunday, and it is about an hour away walking, just to show the determination they had to go and return after those 10 or so miserable years. Now he’s begging us to baptize his 3 children that now could be. So I’ll send you those pics.

Mom, that’s about it for today.

Love you,