Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wesley's Letter 3-11-13


It’s officially official, June 13th is when the Smithster is going to be back for summer. Awwwww yeeeah, which means I’m going to be back the Thursday when all the schools get out for summer. Vaca yep it’s going to be SIIIIICKCKCKCKCK.

But anyway about the mission, this week and for the next few weeks straight we're going to start baptizing again so WHOOOOOP WHOOP! The work here in Motul has been going quite smoothly. But this could be my last week here because transfers are coming up again and seeing as how I have only 2 more transfers left, if I’m going to get changed again before the end of my mission, it’ll be more than likely in this transfer, because it doesn’t happen too often that a missionary gets transferred his last 6 weeks in the mission.

Every day we see miracles and I keep getting better and better and before I know it, I’m going to get sent home right when I’m at the top of my game. It’s a darn shame. But as it stands I’m very satisfied with the mission experience. It is by far the most significant thing I’ve done my entire life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I’m sorry but I’m all outa time. I’ll write more next week and send pics.


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