Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wesley's Letter 3-18-13

Surprise, I’ve got good news for any potential friend that would like to write me, I can now write Via emails so that means you don’t have to be cave men and write me hand written letters any more!!!!! The sad thing is that I don’t have anyone’s email addresses, but just so you know here’s my mission address wesley.smith@myldsmail.net So now you can all write me at any time.!!!!!Yeah, so that’s purdy chill.

So this week things keep going pretty well, we baptized 2 more this last week and we’ve got plenty more getting ready, including a family, so that’s pretty exciting.

This week we had a few run ins with some drunks and drug addicts, I feel my technique to not getting robbed or even bothered by them is getting a lot better, you just got to show complete confidence and try to confuse or distract them. Yeah, so I now know how to deal with them a lot better. Also I’m starting to learn my testimony in Maya so I can share it in my home coming talk.

Alrighty, so on top of that things have been going pretty well. To church we’ve been bringing like an average of 11 investigators every week.

Today we went and played volleyball and it reminded me of just how horrible I am at that game. Haha it’s been a really long time since I’ve done any kind or recreational activities besides walking.

Wow I can’t believe how much has happened on these last two years. Every time I write I basically have brain failure and don’t know what to say but just to let you know a lot has happened. I’ll be excited to tell all the mission stories in person.

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