Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wesley's letter12-26-11

Merry Christmas! What's up fam and friends?

As it turns out I’m still in Kukulcan, but Elder Villanueva left for Cancun. I’m now with an Elder Southwick From Utah, he’s pretty chill sauce and I’m pretty sure well get along well. That means now I have my first gringo compañero so my Spanish will probably get bad this transfer.

Anyway, it was awesome talking to you all yesterday! A few more things I want you all to tell me are: whenever some kid in the stake is going to serve a mission, I want to know who and where, so be sure to tell me everything about that. Also, whenever someone comes home from a mission, or gets married I want to hear it, so please write me about that stuff because it’s what I wanna hear.

Unfortunately the computer I’m using isn’t letting me up load photos so I’m sorry because this week I did take some outrageous pics.

This week not a ton happened. Our President organized a big lunch talent show for all of the missionaries in Mérida and Campeche, so that was pretty fun. Everyone had to do a talent so I played a big 10 gallon water jug as a drum and it actually worked pretty well. After that, my zone all went to El Centro and sang Christmas carols. It was pretty sweet because we all wore Santa hats and I got a few cool pictures of us in front of a big Spanish era cathedral with palm trees, which created a nice tropical Christmas clash. You’ll like those photos.

Well, I don’t have a lot of time this week or that much to write so be sure to write me this week because I love hearing from you.
Elder Wes Smith

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