Monday, February 6, 2012

Wesley's letter 2-6-12

Guess what fam and friends my time is up in Merida, Yucatan and now I’m a Cancun missionary, I just got to my area about 2 hours ago after a 6 hour bus ride, so I still don’t know much about it except that its called Kabah 2 and I’m with an elder named Elder Suarez. He’s pretty chill sauce.

This area is a lot less gigantic than my last area and is a lot more cityish. I’ll let you know how it goes here next week when I know more about it.

Alright, so I forgot my camera connector in the house, so I won't be able to send pics this week but I will tell some stories of the last few weeks.

So any ways, funny story, before I left Merida I left my companion to teach an entire band of about 16 members all are between 14-30 years old, 7 of which attentively listen to the lessons we teach. My comp will tell me if they end up getting baptized, but until then I’m pretty sure you can find them on YouTube, they’re called Estampede Musical and they’re supposedly pretty famous.

Yep, so actually this week I don’t have a ton of stuff to say and I’m short on time but I’ll see ya later crocodiles.

Ps Mom I got the package, and it was awesome I’m super syked on all the sugary goodness inside.

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