Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wesley's Letter 2-20-12

Buenas mañanitas familita y amigotes.

Yo les hablo cien por ciento en español para que parezca chido. De modo hoy yo cumplo vente años chispas soy viajititisimo. Me siento que como si fuera solo ayer que llegué en el ccm de los estados unidos. Lo siento pero esta semana no voy a poder enviar las fotos como yo habría querido porque dejé mi camera en la casa y me da flojera para recogerla. No me diga Cancun es bien padre cada elder aquí es bien chido y la gente es bien tranquila. Me sentìa freaking estresado alla porque toda la gente son bien tradicionales y aun despues de saber lo que enseñamos es verdad no quieren dejar sus tradiciones como adorar a los imagines pero aqui no es una problema.

(“I’m writing you in Spanish so I’ll appear to be cool. Seeing now I am 20 years old today that makes me an old man. It seems like just yesterday that I arrived in the MTC (missionary training center) in Utah.

I am so sorry that I can’t send any photos this week as I wanted to because I left my camera at the house and I’m too lazy to go get it.

Cancun is really nice, the elders here are cool and the people are nice. I was often stressed in my last area because the people were very locked in their traditions. Even after knowing what we taught was true, they didn’t want to leave their traditions like worshiping images.
But here that is not a problem”)

Alright I’m speaking in English now so anyway, another cool thing about here is I don’t need to take 3 busses to get to a Wal-Mart, we have a chederaui like 10 minutes away walking, which literally is the same thing as Wal-Mart just everything’s in Spanish instead of English... I’m almost outta time but later today were going to a buffet in a plaza here that’s called la plaza de las Americas, you can look it up and know that’s where I’ll be at 3:00 today.

Just one story before I go. The guy that had a dream last week had another one this week where this time he’s covered in bees and to get rid of the bees someone submerges him in the water and all the bees stayed in the water. Pretty awesome huh?

Mom, actually Elder Laudie was in my zone for the last 5 months in Merida so ya I know him. He kills it at yoyo-ing, he’s pretty chill.

So far my birthday’s going well, I think I am going to go eat at a buffet so thanks (Mom) for throwin me some dough! Oh, and the house I’m in has only 2 missionaries, but our ward has 4.
So, love ya lots,
Your baby boy

Con Amor Elder Smith

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