Monday, February 13, 2012

Wesley's Letter 2-13-12

Sup Brosifinas? I’m just kickin it here in Cancun whatever,

So anyway here’s the what’s what in Cancun. My area is a lot smaller now and a lot more easy-awesome. The ward here is like an actual ward you could find in the USA and a large group of members actually have cars. This area is awesome! Its still pretty ghetto and such, but a lot less than my old area. It’s also a lot less stupid-hot here. In the evening a nice sea breeze comes rolling through and sometimes I actually get a little cold.

Probably the best part of all is that there’s a chederaui within walking distance. Everything’s just a lot more tranquilo chill. I mean just this morning I went and pulled a coconut off the neighbor’s tree, chopped that suckachump with a machete and enjoyed a nice cool piña colada.
(non- alcoholic)

As of now the coolest story this week is that we found this guy whose been having dreams, about him climbing a hill and raising 2 books to a crowd of angry holy men, pastors, monks, padres and as he raises the 2 books some of the people fall to the ground bewildered and others run away in fear. What are these 2 books? Those of you who are members can probably guess. We’re teaching him and his family right now and I’m pretty sure they’ll all be baptized.

Ok as for these photos the picture of the Mexican holding a cat that’s my companion and the cat is a street cat that keeps on running in our house so now its basically ours, so we called it Pepita.

The picture of the dog in the hammock just proves how chill Cancun is. That is the dog’s bed! He’s a straight up Mayan and his masters named him Rio McQueen, like the car from the movie "Cars". They also have a cat named Tom Cruze.

I think I’m sending a picture of me on the bus ride here, not sure if I put it in the file.

I’m all outa time-Smith out

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