Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wesley's Letter 2-27-12

Hey FAM and Friends,

I’m just writing ya here from sunny Cancun. Fun fact: Cancun means land of many serpents in English. Also, in case anyone wants to look up where I live here, I live in a neighborhood called La Selva, so hopefully now at least you can more easily pinpoint where I’m livin.

Today, I feel like I’ll write a more inspirational letter and less about the culture.

Okay, so here’s a pretty good one, so the other day we found this one guy named Luis and he invited us to talk to him. As it turns out he’s an alcoholic and when I say that I mean he literally destroyed his life in alcoholism. When we found him he had been drinking for 10 days straight. The problem is that when he drinks he told us he doesn’t eat because it hurts him too much so he had been literally on a 10 day binge drink while fasting.

I can’t explain to you just how depressed and how horrible he looked. He told us his story and it was pretty messed up. He started out in Mexico City with a taco stand, had a family and over all a pretty decent life, but because of his alcoholism and other things that happened with the law, he fled to the US for 7 years then came back to Cancun, where he’s been ever since, drinking. He told us a lot more tragedies that happened in his life that I won’t share for lack of time.

Anyway, he told us he would do anything to change his life, so we shared with him some spiritual stuff and gave him the means by which he could change his life with God’s help. So, the next day we walked by his house he still looked like a mess but he did stop drinking. The next after that we found him looking a little better, he was cleaning up his house, and building a table outside. The next day we walked by and my companion said, “look, LOOK!” And I looked and it was pretty impressive, he had turned the front of his house into a little taco shop. As we got closer we noticed he was all clean-shaven, his hair was combed, he had stopped drinking completely, and he had a big ol grin.

He had about 3 other employees helping him sell tacos and you know what, his business was actually doing pretty well! There was a line of people in front. He offered us both some tacos and a drink and they were way good. There’s actually a picture here of my companion eating some of those fat tacos at the shop. I wish I could explain these stories more deeply but I really never have enough time :( Anyway, that was by far the most dramatic change I’ve ever seen in a person in 4 days and it would seem even more impressive to you guys if you had heard his entire story.

That’s all I’ve got for today I’ll tell ya more stuff next week...

Hey, tell Garrett and Nigel they need to write me a letter.

Much love,

Elder and sister missionaries

Wasps or bees

Where Wesley had his birthday lunch.

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