Monday, March 5, 2012

Wesley's Letter 3-4-12

¿Ba'ax ka'ua li'k sookum'o? ¿mi'ix ba? I bought myself a little Spanish to Maya dictionary the other day for my birthday and man is Maya a weird language, but way cool. There’s a guy in my ward here that always teaches me Maya. For some reason Maya is more easily learned by English speakers than Spanish, so I actually speak more Maya than my companion who was just in a little pueblo for the first 5 months of his mission.

Believe it or not there are actually a few Mayan branches of the church here, where the services are 100% in Maya. It’s a pretty awesome idioma. I want to learn it just to show off to every one when I get home, because you will never hear it in any place that’s not the back woods of the Yucatan!

Any way this week I don’t really have any stories, I mean I have some but I can’t tell them because it has to do with missionary confidentiality and most are pretty depressing, the stories of the people I teach here.

Let me just say something, don’t throw away your lives on drugs or alcohol kids, because here it’s at least a 9 times out of ten, some accident happens and your entire life gets turned to a big mess.

Also on the law of chastity, I can literally tell you after speaking to well over a few thousand people that not living it can destroy your life, just as much as drugs, and you’ll be taking other people down with you. Almost every person here in the peninsula is someone else’s illegitimate child and almost no one really knows who their own father is. Almost every man here over 40 years old has had about at least 3 other families with kids before he settles down. They treat having a family as more of a trial and error thing, if they mess-up or things get too hard, it’s okay because they can just run way to another state and start over. That really is the mentality.
And I’m going to tell you right now I could keep writing about this stuff for about 2 more hours but I’m out of time. I’ll end with this; having sex out side of the bonds of a committed marriage is an act of pure selfishness and I’m saying this because of what I’ve seen and the people I’ve met here. (Not just for what the church’s stance is on the subject.)

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Elder smith

I got your package...awesome. I never got the card from the Brummers or the package from Matt soo...

Well, tell Matt he’s the man for getting ready for the mission and I’ll be praying that he gets sent to the Mexico-Merida Mission.

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