Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wesley's Letter 3-26-12

Sup brews?

This weeks been pretty chill. Not too much has happened but I keep on hearing a bunch of news about every one. Tell Calli and Matt I’m super syked for them. Tell John Gove congrats and I want to meet his wife when I get home.

Probably the biggest news is that yesterday we found a kid that had been attending church for a long time, but we had no idea, we asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he said yes, so he’s getting baptized this week. But I’ll tell you this kid is amazing! He has been coming to church all by himself for the last few years, all this in spite of no one in his family being a member and he already has goals to do vicarious work, because his dad had passed away a few years ago.

His names Jorge and he’s super chill. It’ll be the fastest I’ve found someone and then have them get baptized. Less than a week!

Not a lot more news except that cat keeps on finding ways to get into our house, but it’s ok because it eats all of the pests in the house. It’s already caught and eaten about 12 lizards and I don’t know how many cockroaches, ick. The difference between the cockroaches here and the ones in the US is that here if a cockroach bites you it’ll give you a disgusting infection and it’ll swell up and ooze puss. Its like worse than a scorpion sting. Yep

Oh ya Dad, the funny part about all of the pictures you sent me is that things like that happen here on a daily basis, the culture here’s so funny, the people here really are like the rednecks of Mexico and I love it!

Anyway I wanna get more letters from you guys and hear who’s getting married and all that kind of stuff.

LATER...day saints,
Elder Smith

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