Monday, April 2, 2012

Wesley's Letter 4-2-12

¿Que transita por tus venas familia mia?

Ya, I’m pretty Chilango. So guess what? Little Jorge got baptized this Friday. That was the fastest baptism I’ve seen yet in the mission, in only 6 days whoo! This Sunday we should be baptizing a young woman. Her story is pretty sad because right now she’s about 6 or 7 months pregnant, her boyfriend abandoned her, and all of her family, live in Chiapas. So she feels pretty abandoned, but she’s accepted the gospel and she’s been smiling a lot more since the first day when we found her.

This mission is a perfect example of a modernizing world meeting a traditional culture. What I see a lot of here are little wooden huts with palm leaf roofs, sandwiched between two 4 or 5 story international style apartment buildings. Also, little huts with satellite dishes and when you enter the house they have a 46-inch plasma screen TV.

When I said Yucatecos are the rednecks of Mexico I really mean it haha, because they all love wrestling haha!

So today I was eating chorizo eggs and beans for breakfast and I realized I was eating it with a ton of habanero sauce and it wasn’t even spicy. I thought I was some hot stuff but when I asked one of the ward members if there was anything hotter than the habanero. He said habanero doesn’t even come close to the hottest and he gave me a suggestion to look up the Maya kuut pepper. Supposedly the hottest pepper in the world. Most Mayans won’t even try it, so my last day in the mish I’ve gotta give it a whirl.

Anyway after conference now I’ve decided that Elder Christopherson is my favorite apostle. This was the first time I’ve seen all 5 sessions, 4 of which were in Spanish. Also, big news, on the 17th Elder Anderson is coming to our stake center to talk to us. Every missionary in this mission will be here for a day. We’re going to have like 8 missionaries staying in our house all in hammocks so I’ll send you a pic of that later.

Psyched to hear Bear is alive. Is there any more news from home? And I got Ashley’s letter but not Alec’s yet.

So I just sent you some picks of our cat eating a lizard, us washing clothes, Jorge’s baptism, us hitching rides in truck beds and all that good stuff.

I don’t know if you’ve all noticed but I’ve gotten stupid skinny here in the mish and it’s all because of the heat, can’t wait to get back to my old fat self again.

Anyway les amo a todos de ustdes,
Elder Smitty

And hey seriously I haven’t gotten a single letter from a friend in a pretty long time, I’m dying here man.

Mom, still haven’t gotten a list of where every one is serving! Thanks for the wall posts from my birthday you sent me, it was mega chill. Just a bit of advice, you don’t have to type them you know you can just copy and paste it hahaha!

Happy birthday Bella, love you soo much.

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