Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wesley's Letter 4-9-12

¿Que honda se man? I’m just kickin it here in Cancun as usual, liven the life.

Hey, tell Matt Passmore I’m bummed he’s not coming to the Mexico Merida Mission, but he should be super syked he got the second best mission call in the world!

And tell every one of my friends they’re dropping the ball by not writing me a letter. If you guys really think you would, if you had time, its obvious you’ve never served a mission because if you did you would really know what it’s like to literally not have any time! I want to hear from da peeps Breh!

Ok, well this week down here in Maya Land has been pretty chill teaching with the spirit and all that.

I’ll tell you who I’m teaching but I can’t say what their circumstances are and they’re stories are because that’s against mission periodical, and it’s a lack of respect to my investigators. I’m teaching a 30 year old named Ana Cecilia and her son, also a different Ana and her mom, a 24 year old named Yesica, Artemio, Alejandra, Rosalinda, Fernando, Nestor, Dulce, etc.
Alli esta hahaha

This week I’ve been kind of sick with the cold so I’ve been speaking some horrible Spanish with zero accent.

There’s my newsletter for the week. I’ll be talking to you guys by telephone pretty soon, on Mothers Day.

Sorry this was short but time is of the essence :(

Elder Smith

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