Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wesley's Letter 4-16-12

¿Que pasiones les dominan carnales? Sup FAM so guess what?... Trasero de pollo!

But seriously all these pics are from my new camera whoooooooopppyyyyyyy! And it’s pretty chill. It’s nice but not too nice. It’s a Nikon.

Anyway I’m psyched to hear about some more news and what not. Tell the Dustins thanks for sending me that letter! And I’m still psyched about Matt’s mish call.

So, this is what’s been real here in Maya-Landia.
This week we baptized an 18 year old named Ana,, so that was pretty cool. Her brother is now working on going on a mission and getting his mom baptized.

Also this week I think I’m finally starting to gain weight again I’ve been eating a lot more protein so that’s good.

This morning we’ve been Rush Limbaughing to clean the house for what will probably be 10 missionaries staying in our 2 room house, so that’ll be chill.

Yesterday we found another super investigator who can be baptized within a week. His wife is a member and before he’s even baptized they have been making plans for getting married in the temple.

Even though the mission is easier here in Cancun because of the better weather, more laid back people, and the convenience of the modern world, like Wal-Mart and stuff, I can’t lie, being in little towns or villages is pretty cool too, because of the experiences and culture. Not that there aren’t cool or funny cultural things that happen here, because obviously there are, but those stories don’t happen in here as much as in Mérida or beyo xaan pueblo’s (the small villages in Maya Spanish)
So, I hope I can be sent back to Mérida at least one more time before se acabe la mision.

So yep we’ll see what happens before this transfers over in 2 weeks and who will be my next comp. Hope he’s not white, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, also in other news these last 2 weeks, I’ve been kind of sick so it's pretty much elbowed my verbalized Spanish in the jaw. I’m speaking like a genuine gringo, anyway, I’m off like a Yucateco's seat belt.

Smith out

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