Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wesley's Letter 4-23-12

¿Ba'ax caualík sokuum'o?

Elder Hansen, no stinkin way! Once I heard that Josh was heading down here to Maya-landia for his mish I literally yelled NO WAY in the public internet-server. My comp wondered why, and I told him that someone from my ward is going to be serving in my mission. Ahhh no way, that’s way too cool for school! I’m super psyched.

Yo Joshy-boy, send me a letter with a list of questions and I’ll tell you all you need to know about where you’re going to serve and how you can be prepared.

Trust me it’ll be pretty useful and I highly recommend you start studying Spanish now and maybe even Maya. I really hope you spend most of your mission in the state of Yucatan so you come home super Maya. The sad thing about Cancun is that it’s a tourist zone so all of the people here are from other parts of Mexico, so although all the white missionaries here can speak Spanish almost none have accents. I’ve lost most of mine.

Yep, well here’s some more news from here in Cancun (oh ya sorry Cancun means snake pit, not land of snakes, my bad) Ok, well this week we didn’t baptize anyone :( but that’s ok because this next week we have 3 planned and yesterday we found a family that had been investigating the Pentecost church for 3 years and just by going one time to our church they knew it was true, so that’ll be mega tight if they all get baptized.

Also this week Elder Anderson stopped by to say what up to all the missionaries. We had 8 missionaries stay in our house including the assistants to the president, so that was mega chill sauce. It’s pretty funny talking to the missionaries who came from Merida because they all had super thick Mayan accents.

When one of the other missionaries was kneeling down supporting himself on his hammock I put a little peace of ham on his back and our cat jumped on him to get it and startled him half to death! It was pretty funny.

Ok, well I really liked what Elder Anderson said to us. He even spoke in Spanish. He actually speaks more French so when he spoke Spanish he had kind of a French accent, but the message was the important part. He told us that the missionaries that come to the mission to just have baptisms had come with a frankly pathetic understanding of what missionary service was. And I liked that a lot because there are some missionaries here with mostly that goal. So yeah, that was my favorite thing he said. I also got to go up and shake his hand and everything!

Never in all my time here have I seen my mission president look uncertain until when he went up in front of an Apostle to introduce him and to bare his testimony, I actually recognized the fear in his eyes that he might mess up.

So, most of these pictures are of some of the other missionaries from my generation and me. Also, of us in a minivan on our way to the house with all the other missionaries that were going to stay with us.

Don’t worry the rabbits didn’t get hurt, that is how they hold rabbits here.

Hey tell Alec he needs to write me again, he’s completely stopped for like 3 months and it’s super sad.

Much love-Smith out

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