Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wesley's Letter 5-1-12

Hey Fam and Friends,

Sorry you didn’t get my card yesterday, but it’s only because I was sitting on a bus for ten hours. So I want to let you guys know I’ve officially been in one area in all of the three states here in the Yucatan Peninsula.

I’m in the sun shinny state of Campeche and I’m getting my pueblo on here in the magical fishing town of Champotón, Google it. I’ve got to say it’s by far my prettiest area. Everything’s super clean here and I get to see the ocean every day, so that’s super chill sauce.

Also, you guys are going to have to wait another week to get pics because I forgot my cord.

Okay, my new comp is Elder Gonzalez and not for coincidence is from Torreon, Coahuila just like Elder Suarez. The only difference is that he looks like a gringo. This transfer should go well.

Here’s a pretty cool story:

This week I didn’t think we were going to have any baptisms. Like everyone fell through or drank or something (so then they had to wait another week) I was pretty bummed because I wanted to end the transfer with a baptism, because I was sure Elder Suarez was getting transferred, so wanted him to go out with a bang, you know. Anyway, as far as I was concerned that wasn’t going to happen.

Then the other day we did some big activity with all the priests where we did divisions with them. My comp, the zone leaders, and I left with a group of like 3 kids to go show them what the mission is like. And I’m not going to lie the beginning went pretty bad for us and we all lost our enthusiasm, but I told the kids “cuando t} la noche esta mas obscura es porque ya va a amanecer”, (“The night is the darkest just before the light.”) We decided to go by the house to get some money, and I got a call from my comp to grab a baptismal interview sheet-which caught me by surprise. I asked him who was getting baptized and he said Yessica whaaaaaaaaaaattttttt! That caught me off guard because Yessi has been a lot more unenthused recently, due to her pregnancy, and I thought she had wanted us to stop teaching her all together, because every time when she wanted to be baptized she always had an excuse not to. We couldn’t even get her to say the closing prayer after lessons because it embarrassed her too much. But apparently my comp was teaching the plan of salvation and she said that she wanted to be baptized. I rushed over there and we rushed to set everything up for her baptism. At 7:00 that night she was baptized! But the best part for me is that she said the closing prayer in front of like 40 people!

She got her confirmation and that was our miracle this week.

Then, I ended up being the one who got transferred.

Whelp I’m all out of time,



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