Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wesley's Letter 5-21-12

Hey Guys,

I got the pics to work so that’s good. You’ll be able to see in person yo boi Smitty.

I’ve got something kind of cool, so the other day we were eating at the Branch President’s house and we asked where and when he served his mission. He said in Sonora about 8 years ago and I asked him if he knew a missionary named Lance Rondo. He said yes and that he was his missionary companion! Crazy huh? So tell Lance his old companion Elder Balam is Branch President here in Champoton and he wants Lance’s email to catch up. Ya, so that was cool.

Mission news: We just baptized a kid named Jesus who is 15 years old and he’s pretty cool. This week we might baptize a young woman named Patti, so that’ll be cool.

Oh ya Mom, to answer your question, I haven’t been eating too much crazy stuff, but the most recent crazy thing was sea snail. But you know what? It wasn’t even that bad, just the thought of it being a snail was the bad part, and you wouldn’t even know it was snail unless they told you about it, because it was all cubed up in a fruit cocktail.

All right I’ll describe these pics; one is the inside of a well. I was surprised that people here in Champoton still use wells, not for drinking, but for chores and sometimes bathing. It’s pretty sweet. I feel pretty Colonial when I pull up a bucket to wash my hands and stuff. I did that the other day because we spent like 2 hours carving out the inside of a pool for a member using a hammer and chisel (out of rock) and honestly my hands were pretty gross afterward.

The other pic is of my comp’s hammock, pretty huge huh? He’s stretching it out and it doesn’t even finish the word “mission” but the whole thing says Mission Mexico Merida.

I think I’m going to buy another hammock while I’m here BUT BIGGER! It’s going to be so cool. Same colors.

Some of the other pics are of a mango tree, graffiti, the coast and all sorts of sweet stuff.

OK, there are pics of the coastline, like I’ve said this is a fishing village so the entire coast is covered in fishing boats. The other pic is to let you know just how dramatically the climate changed here and with little warning. Another pic shows the same rain shower.

I actually have one of the pictures of Elder Rondo with my Branch President and I’ll put it in this file. There’s the one of our baptism this week. (for some reason these 2 didn't show up in Wes' email)

Oh and good news, almost all of the people I was teaching in Cancun have now been baptized by Elder Suarez, so that’s chill.

There’s a pic of a house of some people who like Cruz Azul. Yep, there’s a pic of a zone conference, I’m not smiling in this one, but it’s the only one I’ve got. There’s a pic of the city central.

I’m out of time. Send me some letters!

Cal´ankt´ba´ix! (Later in Maya)

Elder Smith

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