Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wesley's Letter 3-19-12

Sups FAM?

Hey, tell Matt Passmore that I got his package and that I love his face and I’m going to send him a letter, but when I got his package it didn’t have a return address, so I might end up sending it first to our house as a letter within a letter then you guys can give it to him later. Idk things will be a lot easier when I can just Facebook people and guess what, that’s gonna be in only 15 more months yippppppyidido. All you other friends can learn from Matt’s example and send me a letter I promise I’ll cherish it and write you back...

Also mom and dad, I want a list of all the kids in the stake that are either serving or going to serve a mission and I would love to know where.

Okay, so news here:
So the other night my comp Elder Suarez, a young member Sergio and I were walking home and we had only just turned onto an obscure unpaved street when my comp and I at the same time got a feeling to walk around it. Right as we turned around we found out there was a creepy hobo following us and as we passed him he asked Sergio if he had any money but we felt we should just kept on walking...There were two guys following us and I know if we had kept walking down that street they would have prison shanked us with a sharpened toothbrush then finish us off with a nice curbstomping, but thanks to a prompting from the Holy Ghost that didn’t happen.

So, I’ll explain some of these pictures, some are of a barbeque we had today and we played basketball. That was pretty chill.

The picture of me in a taco shop is of me and Luis, who I’ve told you guys about. Actually we had to wait quite some time to take that picture because there’s always a big line in front.

Alight I still haven’t explained to you whose my comp is...
My comp is Elder Suarez from Torreon, Cauilla. Del Norte del País and makes sure every one knows. Super norteño. He loves futball and is a diehard Santos fan. He’s awesome! He is probably the most mature of all the missionaries I’ve seen here. He is a convert to the church and was baptized not even 3 years ago and is by far the best missionary I’ve seen here. I’ve never seen him stumble even a little bit in any lesson so far and he knows the scriptures about twice as well as I do. He’s the only member in his family so he had to work and pay for his own mission. He’s awesome.

Okay so that’s about that for today and I really do want to get more letters especially from the people who haven’t written me yet. You know who you are! I just want to know if you’re still alive, because I really have no idea.

Whelp that’s all for today peace out,

Elder Smith and Elder Suarez's beds.

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