Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wesley's Letter 10-22-12

Sorry, but I’m letting you know ahead of time that I won’t be sending any pics this time, because my camera got broken or as the Yucatecans say "ya se tiene negociado."

I’ve have to get a new camera. Sorry Mommy, but the one I’m going to be getting is one of those awesome waterproof indestructible ones that look really ugly haha.

I’m psyched to be with my new kid here in Castilla. It’s one of the poorest areas in the mission, but for whatever reason, it has some pretty awesomely paved roads. As it now stands I know all of southern Merida stretching from the east side to the west. But even though this last transfer was just kind of crossing a street, Castilla is NOTHING like Airport. Castilla is 100 percent rural like Champoton, just without the sea. It really is a pretty area. It’s pretty much another pueblo.

Yeah, but this last week went totally awesome! Me and my kid totally killed it this last week. We found 22 new investigators and 4 complete families that are all pretty excited, so we could be seeing the most successful area of my mission. But we’ll have to see because we are still in the beginning of teaching all of these people. Also, almost every person we contacted was from pure inspiration. We just got a certain feeling that we needed to talk to them. Then as we started to teach them everything began unfolding and we found out why we really needed to talk to them.

A good example of this was this week while my comp and I were waiting for some other missionaries I got the impression we should go contact some people immediately. My comp and I looked over to a street corner about a block away and saw a guy sitting there, who I thought was a street vender that went from house to house selling stuff, because he had some bags with him. But as we got closer we came to realize that he looked pretty distressed and that the bags were of clothes. As we started to talk to him he looked surprised, so we kept talking to him and found out that he had just barely had gotten out of prison because a few days prior he had had a fight with his wife and she called the cops and they sent him to prison to think things over. Once he had gotten back he found all of his stuff thrown all over the porch, and we had found him about 15 minutes later, in the deep caverns of despair, about 2 blocks from his house.

We started to explain the plan of salvation. He was sobbing in the beginning but after a few moments we calmed him down and his daughters came over to observe. We asked his daughter if she was his niece but she said, "He's my dad" he responded "was your dad" angrily. We just kept calming him down and it got to the point where he started smiling. I got the opportunity to tell him "Listen, about 3 minutes before we randomly arrived to explain to you these things, I know you had been begging for God to send you some kind of way out, some kind of miracle. We know this is not the way, nor are we the people you had been expecting as an answer to you prayers, but neither is our meeting a coincidence. Remember God’s ways are not ours and nor his thoughts ours, as the heavens are are higher than the earth so are His ways higher than ours. God has sent you an exit from your problems. The only part still up for debate is if you are going to take advantage of the opportunities he gives you."

Pretty awesome! He’s got a baptismal date in 3 weeks.

I’m outa time,
Love ya tons,

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