Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wesley's Letter 10-6-12

Sorry once again all the picture attachments on this email failed so I have to just resend the text. Sorry, I didn’t have any time to change it.


Good news, last week I baptized a woman named Irma and it was totally awesome sauce!

Hey guess what? Another transfer is over this next week and also this next week we have plans for baptizing another woman named Mirsa. She’s pretty cool. She was the person I told you all about a few weeks ago, the one that told us that everything we were telling her was as if we were mind reading.

Sorry, this letter might be short but it’s only because I’m going to try to go through all the pictures I had sent previously but had failed to send. So I’m sorry if this time the letter part is short.

Anyway things are going better than before. We have brighter prospects. The ward is giving us waves of references and lots of investigators are progressing towards baptism. As Harvey Dent once said "The night is always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn is coming...”

Things were going pretty tough here for a while, but now things are starting take off.

Yeah, so once again we had a CRRRRAZY week here in the offices. Literally every day this week we’ve been to immigration for my comps job.

One day we walked into the offices to find that a stray cat had come in overnight and made a real mess, so we had to clean that up before president came by.

Alright well, also this week we found a new hammock distributor for the mission for dirt cheap. (so if any one wants a new hand woven hammock just send me a letter and see what I can do.)

I’m sorry I feel that these letters have been a little more boring since I have gotten here in the offices.

All right so I’ll try to explain some of my pics now
There’s one of me playing the stand up bass, I guess you could say I’m into metal now.
There should be a pic of me and the Hermana Irma (that got baptized) in her little shop, I’m super sweaty in it because it is literally the hottest most uncomfortable place in the world in there. I do have a pic of the baptism but the one my comp has is a better quality so I’ll send you that one next week.
And just a bunch of others of me with the missionary buds.

Love you all and see you relatively soon,
Elder Smith

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