Friday, October 26, 2012

Wesley's Letter 10-16-12

Good news family,

I am no longer in the offices! I got changed to the area right next door called Castilla Camera in southern Merida. And guess what? I’m training a new missionary named Elder Fabela From Sinaloa, he’s a pretty cool cat and I can tell that he’ll be a great missionary.

He’s actually 25, and a recent convert of 2 years. I’m super excited about all of the work I have now and that now I can dedicate myself 100 percent to just being a missionary instead of missionary and office nerd. I’d send you pics but unfortunately I have to go buy a new camera again hahahaha, sorry!

But in other good news I got to stay in the offices with Josh last night and catch up. Even though I’m not training him, I do know his new comp. It’s Elder Arellanes. He got sent to Jardines, Chetumal, or the area closest to the border of Belize. Elder Babbitt always talked about the area and how he liked it a lot.

I might not see Josh for a while but who knows?

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