Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wesley's Letter 10-13-12

Hey Famery,

Just letting you know that I love you and stuff.

We decided to postpone Mirsa’s baptism until this next week just to make sure she is really ready. In other news this, last week has been a lot more interesting, mission work wise.

Last night we had 2 cool lessons. First we went and talked to this one recently returned sister in the ward we were all like "YO we need some references." so she was all like “Oh well, I guess I could introduce you to some of my friends” We all then went with her boyfriend and my two companions in a “ghetto mobile” to what I think was part of someone else’s area, where we met Jenny and Landi.

They were super awesome! We scheduled a baptismal date for the 3 of November with them. When we asked them the question “When can we come back?” They pretty much told us that they wanted us to come back every day that we could, so we are planning on seeing them again today.

The next lesson we had was with a family of four that we are teaching. They were so psyched on the gospel that they decided to make us a classic Yucatecan dish of fried panuchos. For those of you that are unacquainted with Mayan cuisine it’s basically a fried tortilla with beans on the inside of it with spiced chicken, lettuce and onions. They were pretty amazing.

Then after the food we went and gave all of their kids blessings because they were all sick and I’m sure it will help their progression.

Alrighty, so once again we went to the zoo today because we wanted to bring Elder King to do something awesome for what will probably be his last pday in the offices. It was totally worth it! We saw an epic hippo fight, well mostly the baby hippo jumping all over the dad hippo and the dad got really annoyed, haha but still epic.

Alright, well in terms of office work, things are going pretty chil(lis baby back ribs) I’m now actually not 100 percent lost all the time at my job and I haven’t had a good setting straight from President for a long time so that’s good.

Yeah, so now I feel like a straight up boss of the mission, solving all the problems, awesome problems the other secretary’s had left for me and directing all of the office meetings like a boss.

One of the big bummers of being in the offices is that one as a missionary, looses a lot of momentum. It was just a lot harder to teach for a while when I got here, because while I was in Champoton I was 100 percent focused on the area and my investigators. But here I can only stay half way focused on either thing. In the offices you have 3 options, 1) being a good missionary and obeying all the rules, 2) being a good secretary and keeping everything organized or 3) having enough sleep. Ok now while being in the offices you can only choose 2 of these things. :(

So I best be off. I love you all tons and I’Il see you in 8ish months,

Much love,

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