Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wesley's Letter 10-29-12

Hey Famery,

Just same ol’ same old here in the ghetto south of Merida. Things are moving in a gradual upward direction. It’s pretty sweet; this week we’ve been finding all kinds of interesting people and shedding some gospel light on their sinful moonless nights.

The biggest news in terms of something new here is that just last night we got a ridiculous reference to a house of 4 different FAMILIES! I don’t know them very well but it’s a sure 18 people. The best part is that they all had barely left their other church because the pastor never went to visit them when their youngest child had a pretty bad heart problem. And he wanted to charge them for a blessing so, yeah the entire house stopped going. On Tuesday we're going to go give the child a blessing and teach them all about the restoration.

Referring back to this other family of 8 we're teaching, they didn’t all go to church but we did get their oldest son to go. After the services, without us even saying anything, just straight up said, “I want to be baptized” LEGIT.

Don’t mean to scare mom but in these last few days I been seeing quite a bit of gang violence here. Like straight up gang battles with kids with sticks, knives, and even rocks. Pretty nutz. I’ve got some sweet stories but I’ll tell them when I get home, so mom isn’t all worrisome hahaha!

Yesterday, I was cooking a delicious sandwich in my sandwich-maker when I stepped back and heard a squi-crack-ish. Now to who ever is reading this blog I want you to look at your computer mouse, the giant flying cockroach that I had stepped on was literally bigger than that. It was the biggest one I had ever seen, and those things believe it or not, apart from being giant disgusting creeps, they’re actually pretty dangerous. They give infections if they bite you. If they bite you you’ve got to take antibiotics and it takes a few weeks for it to stop swelling. Yeah, its actually better to get bitten by a tarantula or stung by a scorpion than get bitten by a cockroach here. Anyway when I stepped on it, it felt more like stepping on a human hand than an insect. But I swept it outa the house real quick.

Everything is going pretty well here. I can’t complain. I’m out of time.

Love Much,

Ps Mom I want you to send me whatever you want for Christmas. But the one special thing I do want is a blowgun, not the wussy kind. I mean one with metal needles, because I’ve got to try to take some of these creepy crawlies out when they’re climbing on my walls!

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