Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wesley's Letter 11-12-12

Hey Fam n Friends,

First off, tell Alena congrats on her mission call and that I’m proud that she’s going to go serve a mission! I’m pretty sure I‘ll be saying a lot more congrats as time goes on and I hear a lot more about where everyone is serving. The mission here in about 2 more transfers is going to get 26 sister missionaries and 48 elders. When we put it in perspective that will be the biggest generation of missionaries that’s ever come here at the same time. The most we have had before was 27. Yeah, it’s going to be crazy.

So, when I went to the offices today for an interview I felt bad for my old comp Elder Barrow (the Executive Secretary) because he’s going to get soooo much work and he knows it. That’s going to be immigration work for probably 30 of the 48 Elders hahahaha.

Apart from that, the cool news this week, I finally got a camera, so now you’re finally going to get pics. I’ll explain some of the pics, some are of me and my comp rockin it in the swagger nightlife in down town Merida.

One is with us and a family we’re going to baptize soon, the son closest to me in the pic is 17 and is getting baptized this week and is already planning on going on a mission. One pic is of a classic Mayan dish here called a pib. They wrap it up in banana leaves and bury it for a few days, and that’s how they cook it, and its actually super good. The rest are pretty much just random ones I took in my area or downtown Merida.

So here’s a cool experience this week, there’s another family we had been teaching and actually they’ve been progressing a lot. We hadn’t gotten to know the dad yet because he works late, but we had given his wife a Book of Mormon to give to him. The other day my comp and I were just walking around and we didn’t have anything to do so I was like “Uh, do you wana go visit Marisol’s family?” So we went to her house and upon arriving we found her husband reading the book, he said, "Finally! I had been waiting for you guys while reading this book since 1:00" I looked at my phone to find that it was about 4:30 when we had arrived. So he had been waiting for us for more that 3 hours reading the book, when we hadn’t even set an appointment.

He then told us how he had a great desire to talk to us and that for some reason he had never felt so anxious to talk to anyone else in his entire life. We talked and talked and talked for what turned into one of the longest lessons of my entire mission, 3:00 hours. He really was receptive to everything and he often started explaining things that we hadn’t even taught him yet. He and his wife went to church with us this week and are both anxious for their baptisms on the 1st of December.

I’m outta time.

Love and kisses,

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