Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wesley's Letter 11-19-12

Sup Fam n Friends,

Good news, this week we baptized again whoop! Their names are David, Armando and Veronica. Do you remember a while back when I told you about the lady in my last area that wanted to get baptized but her husband didn’t let her? Well that’s Veronica, and on Saturday she finally got baptized! So my comp and I went all the way back to my old area, to show our support. She seemed super happy. Unfortunately we got there after the ordinance was done because we took the wrong bus and had to walk like 18 blocks! But at least I felt good about going out of my way to show her my support.

The other Armando, he and his sister Josaline, both got baptized. Because their mom has been less active in the church we’ve been working hard with her and her kids to help them come back and now they’re finally active again.

The other family is the family Vasto Uc. They’re investigating and have recently been having some economic crisis because the dad is a police officer that has been out of work for a while, due to a work related injury. Basically a kid on drugs hit him with a 2 by 4 while he wasn’t looking and broke his arm but we’ve been helping them out tons and teaching them the gospel.

At first while teaching the family the dad was the only one who listened to us. The mom and the kids all would run inside and hide, thinking we had no idea they were home.

The mom even said she hated that we came. But as the story goes now they’re all aboard the baptism boat, David was the first to shove off from port, but this week were baptizing the rest of the kids! The mom and dad still aren’t married so we’ve got to resolve that before they can get baptized. But they are both super grateful that we kept visiting them in the beginning, despite their objection to it. Actually in this album there’s a picture of the mom Nelly preparing a pib she had made for us to show her gratitude. The same lady that was always telling us she was too busy or not interested to hear what we had to say.

There’s a pic of me impersonating the street venders that sell stuff from their trikes, I’m selling the pibs Vasto Uc FAM prepared for us. Hahaha! Yeah, well now they’re all super excited and the girl Vanessa and her boyfriend Jose are preparing to get baptized. He’s super funny. Right now were trying to convince him and David, when they turn 18, to go out and serve a mission.

Ok, another pic that I’ve got here is another member of the branch. Hermano Cruz Chan. He is a bus driver who took his work bus and picked all of us up, the Basto Uc family and a bunch of other investigators, to go see another baptism in the branch. We rolled up in style.

Yep well that’s all folks,

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