Monday, December 3, 2012

Wesley's Letter 11-26-12

Sup Famers,

As it sounds from all the letters I’ve been getting, like everyone in the world is getting sweet mission calls. Tell Karissa and Danielle congrats, and that President Dyer and President Crickmore will be great mission presidents.

I’m super psyched but super bummed at the same time that I won’t see anyone when I get home, because of their missions. But it is better for them to be there than at home.

Also tell Matt to ask his comp which ward he was in while he was here in Merida. With that I could tell you if I knew him or not.

Alrighty, well things have been going pretty awesomely around here the miracles just keep coming...

This last week the 3 we had planned to baptize we decided to wait till this week because the dad is a police officer who does 24-hour shifts and works every other day. Last week he would have missed the baptism and the confirmation due to his schedule but this week he’s got a schedule that is going to work. So the baptism will be on Friday, and he’ll also be able to see the confirmation. And now the girl Vanessa her boy friend are going to be baptized that same day, so now it’s 4.

Yeah, the parents would also be getting baptized but they need to both get divorced first from their first spouses and then get married to each other. As of now it’s going to take a while for them to acquire the money necessary for it, but they both seem pretty determined to get baptized. Even if I don’t end up being the missionary that baptizes them I will at least leave this area knowing that even though they’re not baptized they are definitely converts, and they participate more in ward activities than most members.

All right to explain these pics, firstly there are a few pics of my comp killing a scorpion. Basically we just casually walked into the house after a fun filled day of work and we find this abomination chilling on the wall above the fridge. You may not be able to tell very well but that guy was massive, by far the biggest I’ve ever seen here. It was about 6 inches long so we took our pics and then curb stomped that sucka with the blunt end of our broom.

There are a few other pics of my area. The walls with the graffiti on them are actually the airports walls. It’s pretty sweet, it goes for like a mile of pure graffiti paintings like those.

My area is pretty sweet, and also the ward is really good. The member I told you about before with the charter bus helped us out the other day to pick up an investigator that had basically lost all faith that there could be a church whose members gave liberally of themselves and that really lived the standards that their church preached. But with that ride and her meeting the rest of the ward at an activity she was shocked and now very interested.

Sorry I’m all outta time again.

I love you all tons and really admire all of those who have recently decided to go serve missions. It really changes everything.


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