Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wesley's Letter 12-3-12

Sup Thugs,

This weeks been crazy good. We’ve officially baptized everyone in the Basto Uc family except the parents!

So this baptism was crazy. We were going to baptize someone else, a 16 year old kid named José, but he drank coffee so he’s going to have to wait till this week. But anyway we had everything organized and planned for the baptism this last Friday at 6:00. My comp and I got there a little early to organize everything, but it was weird because none of the 3 members were showing up. But no biggy, we would just hold it off for a little while, no rush if it started at seven.

Then I got the notice, “Hey president Salinas is going to come”, WHAAAAAT??? So then I started calling everyone asking why none of the members were showing up. I found out the reason why, earlier that day we had called the sister in the branch whose son was going to perform the ordinance for José to tell her that José was going to wait one more week so now her son didn’t have to bring his white clothes. But she misinterpreted it as, “Oh don’t worry about coming because there won’t be a baptism this week” She went around notifying everyone else in the branch that there wouldn’t be a baptism. So basically very few people showed up at the baptism, and that was sad, but it was still cool that President Salinas came to our baptism.

Yeah, but besides that this week has been pretty cool! We’ve got the prison in our area and the other day we went to the prison to go try to see all of the hammocks the inmates make. Basically on visiting days all of the inmates set up a make shift Bazaar street market to sell all of the little things they spend all day making. That’s how they kill time, make money, and at the same time to do something productive with their time instead of shank each other. Anyway we went there to get one artisan quality hammock at slave labor prices. And basically the guards didn’t let us in but there was a small store in front of the prison were they sell all of the hammocks the inmates make, a little bit more expensive, but still dirt cheep. And there is where I think while I’m here I will get any hammock I need because they sell hammocks here for under 40 dollars for what would be worth at least 200 in the US.

Also I don’t know if you saw the pic of the scorpion on the string but basically that’s our new pet Panucho and we gave him a leash so he doesn’t go wonder off. No.... but really do you remember the Jose that I told you about? Basically he’s a genuine Mayan mountain man. We were just sitting around when I noticed a scorpion. I was like OH CRUD! But José being the crazy, psycho, manly man that he is, goes up grabs it by the tail and using a small rock cuts its stinger off! It turns out that without its stinger scorpions can't do anything. Then he showed me the Meridence tradition of putting it on a string leash, haha Jose is hilarious.

Basically I’m out of time again, PEACE OUT!


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