Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wesley's Letter 12-17-12

Sorry guys, this week there won’t be many pictures. More than anything it’s just because I hardly took any this week. This has been a pretty crazy week with the mission conference and everything and this next week were going to have to do it all over again, except this time were going to teach all of the principles President taught us and we’re going to have to teach it to the other missionaries.

Also, it’s been a week full of trials and tribulations for almost all of our investigators. I don’t know if I had ever told you about the single mother that we are teaching that has 3 kids and only makes about $3.00 dollars a day working all day in a bakery. Anyway this last week she got in a little fight with her 11-year-old daughter while she was washing clothes. I guess the daughter got frustrated and wasn’t thinking straight and stuck her hand in the dryer while it was on.

The dryers they have here aren’t like the ones in the USA. The ones here don’t use any heat they just spin really fast, and the speed with which it spins at is actually fast enough to suck all of the water out of the clothes. Anyway she stuck her hand in it and it was moving so fast it took her finger off, leaving just the inner bone but no skin. In the chaos of the moment her grandma grabbed the part of the finger that was taken off and set it on the counter while they looked for a tourniquet, and just after setting it down their cat jumped up on the counter and ate it. Yeah, It was one of the saddest things in the world to see this single mother break down because of her situation.

We couldn’t even have a good discussion because her toddler went around playing with everything and throwing things while she was pouring her heart out to us. We definitely helped her and inspired her to keep on enduring, but I couldn’t deny how hard of a situation she was in. It’s hard sometimes as a missionary to try to give advice to people who you know are going through harder experiences than you have ever had.

Really since Wednesday not too much has gone down (except for the sun 5 times AYO!) We just keep on keeping it on.

Smitty out.

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