Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wesley's Letter 12-24-12

Haha, good news! Do you remember that whole 2012 end of the world thing? It wasn’t necessarily that it wasn’t true. I’m pretty sure you were all blissfully unaware of the eminent destruction you were all in for, but don’t worry I solved the Mayan riddle of Oczcutscab, went to the Mayan pyramid of the sun, Uxma, and I read from John the Revelators book of apocalypse, in Maya. And instead of ending the planets natural cycle permanently it just started it over again so the world is safe until 3012. So you can say thanks if you want, but don’t worry about it, it wasn’t like that big of a deal. I sent some pictures that are attached.

Yeah, so in other good news there’s this one guy in our ward that recently told us how much he loved us, so he was all like, “Come to my brother’s taco shop and he’ll give you whatever you want. And from my smoothie stand I’ll give you what ever liter drink you want"
So we went there last Monday and his brother was so psyched on us he was all like " Hey, I want you guys to come here every day from now on for free tacos and tortas ALWAYS!"
Well, we can’t go there every day so we settled on going there every Monday from now on.

Also this week we had more zone conferences, we played football and had some good food while we were there, including OJ served from a paint bucket haha!


Man like I told you before our house is stinkin full of giant scorpions. There are some pics of one that we caught, but don’t worry, I later released it into its natural habitat in the back yard to be free, then stepped on it.

Oh yeah, funny/sad story, that paper Christmas tree you sent me, well I hung it up in the house and started putting those fun ornaments on it. I went to bed and the next day found out that a gecko had tried to scurry across it but had scurried across some of the exposed double-sided tape and got super stuck, it was kind of sad because we tried to get it off but it was too stuck.

Here are those pictures of me saving the world; some of you didn’t believe me but here’s physical evidence☺

Anyway I’ve got to get going I hope you all have a super merry, fantastic Christmas. I’m excited to hear your beautiful American accents over that phone call tomorrow at 4:00.

Much Love,


Funny "Indiana Wes" saving the world! Ha ha ha!!!!

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