Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wesley's Letter 12-31-12

Sup Fam and friends,

How are things swinging state side? Well once again its going to be a fun filled week of conferences, and because of New Year’s they’re going to make us lock ourselves in the house all day tomorrow until 4. Then on Thursday another conference and on Friday another, so pretty much were only going to be working 2 full days this week. Bummer sauce.

I got some good news though. We’ve been teaching a lady who had just had a baby, which they couldn’t think of a good name for a while, until yesterday. They told me the name that had stuck, Diego Smith Ko Om , hahaha which is funny because the Elder Smith from San Diego has been teaching them for the last 2 months hahaha!

Ya but honestly not too much has happened this week. I had my first run in with an exorcist experience with a possessed guy, but I’ll tell you guys that story when I get home because as a missionary I feel like my letters should be of good tidings of great joy.

The ward also gave us a bunch gift bags and stuff to show their support so that was pretty cool. Any who I think the letter this week is gonna be a little shorter than the usual, but just know its like the average Mayan, although they’re short they’re full of love and grammatical errors (you’d get that part if you understood Spanish and have heard a Yucateco speak),


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