Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wesley's Letter 1-7-13

Sup Familicious,

I bet you’re wondering why you’re getting this letter soo late. Well I have some news. I finished Elder Fabelas training and now he’s going to train another new missionary. And I also just got the news I’m going to open up another area, this time a small pueblo called Motul. Motul is a small pueblo that hasn’t had missionaries for more than a year so I’ll see how it goes.

I still don’t know who my new companion is because I’m also going to train again, so it should be pretty crazy tomorrow. I have a conference with all of the trainers and the new kids, then also tomorrow we’re going to take a bus to Motul and get to know the area.

So that should be fun! This last week things have been going pretty well. We found a lot of families and I feel good about how I left the area for Elder Fabela and his kid. Apart from that I spent a day working in another pueblo called Uman and that was fun! Most of these pics of the big church are of the Catholic Cathedral in Uman.

There really isn’t that much to tell about this week, just that I went and worked in Uman and I feel good because I went and bought José a tie. I’m really going to miss the people I have met in that area.

Right now I’m hanging out with Elder Geramine and Elder Arellanes, Josh’s trainer in the mission. He’s actually right next to me writing his family. And then just waiting for tomorrow when the real work begins.

Yep, so I think I’m just going to send some pictures and with that I’m good, I really don’t have much more to say.

Love you all tons and I’ll see you in mere months 5 and a half to be exact crazy eh?

Peace out brown trout,

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