Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wesley's Letter 1-21-13

Guess who?

It’s Wes. So this last week has been pretty crazy awesome sauce. My comp and I, for about a week and a half, have been going back and forth in busses and combis (to Merida), until just recently we found a gigantic awesome house. Actually mom that’s the reason I pulled out money the other day. It was so I could make the down payment on the house, but don’t worry the mission has already paid me back for it. But yeah, the house is really really awesome! We have a mango tree and a coconut tree in the back.

Yeah so, like I said Motul is about as rural as it gets. I have had several lessons where I teach in Spanish and a native translator translates it into Maya. We’ve been having a lot of success here, and I mean a lot! Almost every person we’ve talked to has accepted a baptismal date. But beyond that I feel that over all our teaching has been pretty awesome here. At almost every lesson there has been an undeniable spirit that what we are teaching is true.

I’m psyched because here I’m sure I’ll be trying my first plate of Iguana haha. There’s a member here that’s always super psyched about making us Yucatecan plates of funky stuff, but the one where we told him yes was the one about Iguana. So I’ll let you know more about that when it actually goes down.

Man, I can’t explain why, but there really is something beautiful about being in the small towns here (pueblos) because we’re always traveling and even though we don’t have much time because of all of the traveling we still are having a lot of success. I don’t know how to explain it but the humility of the people here is something I really admire.

That’s about all the time I’ve got.

Love ya tons. Hope to hear from everyone soon in letter or in person because I only have 5 months left tomorrow. So, holy smoke that went by fast. I’m still not sure if Motul is going to be my last area, but we’ll find out as we go.

Much love,

Mom, get me everyone’s address, thanx

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