Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wesley's Letter 1-28-13

Sup Dawgs,

Good news, things just keep getting better and better here in Mo-(too cool for school) eh yo! So I’m psyched to hear about the Crickmores getting more and more prepared for their mission. I’d be psyched if they ended up being Merida’s mission presidents. And it is actually a possibility because president Salinas is ending his mission in June. It’s also good to hear about our new stake president.

So news around these parts, Opening an area is hard in the beginning but gets better as time goes on. I remember the first day we got here, we came in an 80s Van and upon arriving we asked, " So is this Motul?"
So yeah, in the beginning we were pretty lost, but little by little things have been going up. This next week we are planning to baptize 3 people. And in the weeks that follow even more. I am really psyched about this area. It’s pretty exhausting at times. This last week we had barely bought our refrigerator, and the way we got it home is we mounted it on one of those tricycles and we peddled it home haha!

Also the last week or so people have been getting all hyped up about another holiday about the Virgin de Guadalupe which is kind of cool to see some of the traditions the people have here. But one thing in particular that I’m not a big fan of is that every morning for the last 5 days a marching band has been passing by in front of our house playing the same song at 5:00 am haha! It does do a good job of getting your attention and reminding you about the holiday that’s coming up.

Anyway this letter this week is going to be shorter than others.


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