Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wesley's Letter 11-5-12

Hey guys,

How are things going state side? Things are going pretty sweet down here. This week we’ve been seeing some more cool experiences.

Hey I got some crazy news, it's officially against the rules here in the Mexico Merida Mission to go contact people or knock doors, we can only work now with references from members. Yeah, but I feel like my first few weeks here in Castilla were pure searching and searching and we’ve gotten to the point were we actually have more investigators than I have time for! As it stands we’ve got about 17 baptismal dates whoop whoop! Amongst which is a family of 8, we plan on baptizing in the next month. We got them all to church yesterday and they all loved it! You can tell when someone is interested in our message, if when you try to schedule the next appointment and they make it for as soon as possible.

The other day we had gotten to their house only to find the mom and dad were just horrible drunk. It got me kind of frustrated because they were making such awesome progression and had fallen. But I feel that some good came out of them falling like this, because it was only usually the dad and his son that would come out to talk to us and the mom just kind of stayed inside to mind her own business. I just kind of thought she didn’t really care, but that night she drunkenly explained to us that the reason that she always stayed inside was because she was embarrassed, or because she felt like we would judge her because she has had some big problems in the past and that she wasn’t worthy to talk with missionaries. And recently because we know that now, we can help her understand more who we are and what we do.

Also, I think I already told you about the 2 Mayan guys we teach that contacted us. Well basically they’re 2 best friends/ neighbors that decided to start to listen to us and they both are stereotypically exactly what every missionary in the world looks for in investigators. They both want to be members, both are super Mayan, and speak Mayan all the time and they accept everything that we teach them. We started teaching them the restoration of the church and they said, “listen I didn’t contact you guys to listen to what any other church teaches, I contacted you because I want to be a Mormon” YA BOI. And now they’re inviting all their friends to listen to us also.

Just pretty much know all of the people I’m teaching right now are in families, or groups. So although these last 4 months of my mission have been relatively down baptismal wise, patience is the key. Things in about 2 more weeks here will be looking a little bit more “white”. [the color of baptismal clothing]

Also, sorry if there are spelling or grammar errors in this letski or if things are phrased awkwardly that’s just my way of saying, " Yes Dad, I’ve been practicing my Spanish”

Oh yeah, the mission in 2 more months is going to get like 80 more missionaries. Crazy stuff! They’re going to open about 3 more zones here.

Sorry for not sending pictures Mom, that’s just my way of saying " I still haven’t found a decent camera at a decent price"
I’m leaving right now to look for one.

Love you all more than all the letters my friends didn’t send me recently, (and that’s a lot)


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