Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wesley's Letter 5-6-13

Hey family,

So yep, I’m officially in Chetumal. My new area is called Morelos, and the Ward’s pretty in terms of being an interesting area, it’s not really but there is quite a bit of work, which is good. I should be finishing my mission baptizing.

The zoo is in my area, which is pretty cool. Another cool thing is that there was a baptism this week. Her name is Mari Cruz. We're going to marry her brother and his girl friend this next week and baptize them also.

So, I still don’t have the phone # yet for you but I’ll get it for you. Actually this time their going to let us do the call by Skype so I’m not sure if you’d rather do that because we can now either way. I’ll get a phone number for you if for some reason Skype doesn’t work because the internet connections here are usually pretty bad. But don’t worry I’ll figure it out by at most Friday. the phone call is going to be at around 4:00 on Sunday so you’ll know by that time I promise.

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