Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wesley's Letter 4-22-13

Sup FAM I’m excited to hear that I’ll be speaking the same day as the Crickmores for my homecoming.

I’m excited and sad to say that my mission is over in 7 weeks, pretty much once May is over I’m going to have 2 weeks left. Here in Playa del Carmen things go really fast, me and my comp have been working our tails off, so time keeps flying.

We have not been having too much success in terms of lessons every week but we keep on finding extremely interested people, one of the major problems with our area is that its made of these hostel time buildings.

The buildings here are called cuarterias and they’re where all the people from other parts of Mexico or Central America go to live while they stay here for about 3 months, make some dough off the tourists, then go back home and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In the cuarterias there’s a lot of really dark stuff that goes on. There’s a lot of devil worshiping. And in a lot of them there are people that practice voodoo and also worship La Santa Muerte.

Another sad thing is that the few people that do listen to us in the cuarterias, a lot of them after teaching them for like 2 weeks, we’ll show up at their house and the room is vacant because they went back home. And for us as missionaries, believe it or not, that is actually our biggest set back in the area right now is investigators getting up and leaving out of the blue.

But besides that the work goes on.

I’m all outa time PACE

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