Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wesley's Letter 4-1-13

Sup Fam and Friends,

I’ve got some fun news for you! I got special transferred to the area Playa One as a zone Leader, in the beautiful paradise of Playa del Carmen! So it looks like this will be my final resting place in the mission.

Yep, so Playa is usually known for its beautiful ocean views, and in our house there’s a window where you can actually see the Caribbean and wow is the water blue! There are a ton of tourists, Americans, Europeans, and people from Central America.

Playa is also a lot more expensive to live in. One of the things I love about it here is there’s almost always a cool oceanic breeze blowing.

Yeah, my transfer was straight up out of the blue. My comp and I where in our house in Motul getting ready to leave and work for the day when they called me and said,
"Smith you have special transfers, you are going to Playa del Carmen."
It was kind of a bummer when I got it because that same week we had a lot of people we were teaching and because I love Motul and all the people I taught there.

As I was packing my stuff the ward mission leader came over and said good-bye, so I shared as much of the food I had bought that pday as I could with him.

In the bus station Elder Barrow and Haydock came and said bye to me. Then at around 1:00 I was off and I arrived in Playa del Carmen at around 8:30. My new comp is Elder Nolasco from Honduras he’s pretty hilarious.

Playa del Carmen is the place where all the missionaries in the mission want to go, and I consider myself very lucky to have the privilege of finishing my mission here. I really thought I was going to finish in Motul but it looks like the Lord had other plans for me.

It’s pretty much like opening another area, because Elder Nolasco has like a week in the area, and I have just barely gotten here. The last 2 missionaries didn’t leave too much here for us, but don’t worry well see what we can do about it.

Got 2 go

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