Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wesley's Letter 4-15-13

Another week another seven days closer to seeing my mommy and daddy.

Hey, go and tell Collin and Tessa congrats and that I can’t wait to meet Lillian. That’s crazy, I’m going to meet like 3 new nieces and nephews all at the same time.
wha wha?

Hey guess what? This week we had another baptism. Raul and Martha’s granddaughter got baptized so that was some cool beans. Raul is now 100% converted. He got the priesthood and they’ve started giving us all kinds of references. And from now on every Wednesday we're going to eat at their house because Martha signed her name on every Wednesday on the food calendar.

Last night we ate at their house and man does Martha know how to cook; she cooks all of the classics from here in the peninsula like a boss! So this week we’ve been working our tails off with very little success.

I’ll write you all next week.

Much love,


Sup butter cups,

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