Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wesley's Letter 9-22-12

Sup Famers,

How are we all doing on this fine méridence ev'n?

I just barely got back from doing laundry and grocery shopping for the week. Looks like were on a heavy generic brand "Asucaradas" cereal diet, whoop whoop, nah. You’d be surprised, besides all the cereal, I have become quite the master chief here. The way I make my habanero omelets, lips be moistening and fingers be get'n bit'n.

Any who, so on my way here today from washing clothes and buying groceries, my comps and I (I’m in a trio right now) were getting on the bus heading back towards the offices. I had just barely gotten on and suddenly I noticed the bus starting up and the door closing while my comps were still outside. I was like " Hey why didn’t you let them on?" he said that “they had taken too long getting on." So, I was all like "let me off! I can’t leave without my comps, and he just kept speeding up and said "pay me first... ¡Ya que subiste paga me primero y te dejo bajar!” For those of you that don’t speak Spanish that means "you already got on the bus, you need to pay me before I let you off” needless to say we had only gone like 10 feet when he told me that, so I got a little mad and told him to stop the bus, but he was refusing to until we had gone like 5 blocks! I had to get off so I gave him 2 pesos instead of the 6 he was trying to get out of me and he finally let me off. I had the last laugh though because I had dropped one of the pesos on the ground so I knew he’d have to go fishing for it. That guy was a perfect example of the extortion that sometimes exists around here.

This week’s been pretty chill-i-pepper! We’ve been teaching a lot more lessons and over all a lot more people have been progressing. In fact we should have quite a few baptisms this next week. Best-case scenario 6, maybe worst like 3. The reason why is because the person we were teaching is super ready with her 2 daughters, but she’s not sure if her husband will let her. Her husband does NOT like us haha, so everyone keep your fingers crossed and pray.

Our investigators have been having a lot more real intent on knowing if all of this is true or not, and because of that the spirit has been a lot more strong during the lessons. Everyone recently has been telling us that everything we tell them has been like we’re mind readers. The stuff we tell them is like a premonition to what their following question would have been. Until people have basically told us straight up, "I NEED TO BE BAPTISED"

Anyways I love you all and I love the letters and packages I get.

Much love,

Ps Mom please send me a skinny blue tie for one of my good Mexican friends.

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