Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wesley's Letter 9-1-12

Sorry Mommy the juicy letter I promised you last week won’t be quite as juicy as I might have promised.

So here’s this week: it’s been pretty hectic as usual, working hard in the offices and improving office space moral and productivity haha.

But in my area we’ve been finding a whole lot more people willing to get baptized, so after a no-baptism fast of 6 weeks, we should be getting back at it and baptizing more consistently. We’ve been finding all kinds of new investigators, all with cool backgrounds. There is this one cool cat that were teaching that a few years back was in the process of becoming a Catholic priest. Now he is living with a less active member and for that he lets us come over to teach him. Our lessons with him are always pretty cool because he knows a ton. So, I’ll tell you how everything goes with him.

Yeah, so this transfer has gone by fast, can you believe it’s been 6 full weeks since I left Champoton? Also, since then almost all of the other important people I was teaching there have gotten baptized, including Yadira’s daughter! Now a lot of my converts there have gotten callings and have stayed true!

I’m sorry this is going to be another short letter it’s just for lack of time. As I get more used to the offices, the letters should get longer.

The Church is true and I love and miss you all,
Smitty OUT!

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