Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wesley's Letter 8-18-12


Another week later and I’m still alive. The offices are still pretty fun. Good news, the mission just got us new desks and stuff like that so now I’m rockin my own work place, got all my favorite pics set to my background, and I have every little thing personalized to increase office productivity, LIKE A STRAIGHT UP BOSS! That, and every p-day I’m rockin it hard core doin crazy stuff with the APs and going to fancy places to eat. I’ve been eating so much pizza con al pastor from Trompos hahaha.

Whelp in terms of missionary work our area is on the up rise. We’ve been getting more and more people committed to getting baptized, so this should start looking better real soon. But unfortunately I still don’t have quite as much time working in the field, as I would like, so it’s going to be a lot harder for us to have success, but that’s ok.

It was pretty hard for me the first 3 weeks to be here in the offices because I just like being out in the field a lot more, but I can’t deny I do have a lot of fun experiences that no other missionaries in the field have. For example because our p-days are on Saturday and that’s the only day of the week anything is opened, we do have a lot more fun p-days than most. For example all these photos are from when we went to the zoo just now about 2 hours ago and it was pretty sweet. The zoo here is owned by the city or something so we got in for free, and it was actually a lot better than I would have thought a free zoo to be.

Anyway, how’s everything state side going? I found out the way to know if you’ve been in the field for along time is when everyone kind of forgets about you and stops writing. I’m getting to be a pretty experienced missionary it looks like haha.

I’m not sure if I had told the Brummers or not but thank you so much for all of the delicious chocolate you got me, it was super good.

Also, tell Alec I miss getting his letters. He used to be awesome and write me like every week now I haven’t gotten like a single letter from any friends for like 3 months.

Love you all,

Ekíicubaah Tsama´le!

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