Friday, August 17, 2012

Wesley's Letter 8-11-12


How we doin? I wrote you a little late today. I did get a little set behind on my schedule because although it was P day, today we tried doing a ward mission activity. Needless to say no one showed up because we had forgotten all about it being the same hour as the Olympic game between Mexico and Brazil hahaha. And man all of the streets were completely empty.

Well the good news is that we’re taking home the gold ha-ha! Today it was sweet seeing all of the Mexico pride, with people driving around with flags out their windows and honking!

This week has been another crazy week, running all over the place, and this next week even more so because there’s a lot of kids going home a little early to get to school. Also they’ve been closing a lot of areas for lack of missionaries, so that also makes it crazy with zone conferences and all that good stuff. Man the thing is, for a normal missionary with my amount of time in the mission field, time is already flying by, but a being a missionary in the offices time flies stupid fast! We are literally running all over the place, always. But we have been eating a whole lot more pizza.

In terms of the work here in Aero Puerto I’m feeling pretty good here. We still have yet to baptize, but we have been finding a lot of potential people. As for the next few weeks, I’m feeling better as time goes on, things should only be getting better.

Unfortunately I didn’t have more time or pics but I think you will all understand.

Just I’m missing you all tons.

Here’s my inspirational quote of the week.

"Better is to hear a rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of fools."
(From the Bible Old Testament)

If you don’t understand it then I’ll explain it. It is a good “missionary works scripture” that means it is better for someone to help correct what you are doing wrong in your life than to just live in an ignorant bliss, even if it seems offensive. Sometimes as missionaries we have to be blatant and blunt about things, directly telling someone if what they are doing is ok or not. If someone tells you that your not doing something right, the key is to not be a baby about it, it is for the edifying of your character. To extend a house you’ve got to knock some walls down first.

Those are some inspirational words for today.

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