Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wesley's Letter 8-4-12

Baax happenen? Hey fam-ers how we doin today, good? AWSOME.

Yeah, so this last week was super hectic and kind of stressful. I’m glad I’ve finally gotten it all over with, because once a month all of the zone leaders call me to tell me what all of the materials are that they want for their zone and I have to go order them and put them in boxes to go give to them. Every zone got 4 boxes of the Book of Mormon and then a fifth box with all of the things they wanted like pamphlets, posters, calling cards, everything, and their mail. It was only really a pain because while you’re in the middle of organizing everything you start getting calls from random kids in the mission complaining about not getting their package or letter yet. But yeah, I made it to p-day, whoop!

Yep, so the offices are totally hectic. Whenever someone goes home we have to wake up at 4:00 am to get them to the airport and stuff. It’s definitely the most bitter-sweet calling in the mission because I get to see all of my friends in the mission a lot and have a lot of unique experiences that you wouldn’t be able to have as a normal missionary. For example, the mission provides the first hammock for the new guys that come in and I’m the guy that gets to buy all of the hammocks for them. Basically you just go into a big room filled with folded up hammocks in bags and they say go choose 50 of them, so I just go up grabbing whichever ones look the coolest. So Josh, tell me what colors you like and I’ll save you a hammock like that. Really there’s like a bunch of other things but I won’t be able to tell you all of them for lack of time.

But the down side of being secretary is that you have like 0 time in your area, so naturally I’m going to probably not be able to have as much success in terms of baptizing as I had before. But I will still try my heart out to start baptizing here. It was kind of depressing leaving Champoton because I had spent the last 3 months helping to raise it up to be an awesome area and right when it gets good I get changed and the process starts all over again. My new area is DEAD. The missionaries before me left like 1 investigator. But it does have a lot of potential as an area and it’s slowly but surely on the rise. And we should start baptizing again real soon.

I did talk to Elder Babbitt the other day and the 2 other couples we were teaching and that were planning to get married, whelp they got married and Champoton should be baptizing, all of the people I had grown to know and love, for the next like 8 weeks straight. Sad I won’t be there to see it, but I know I had done my part of it. Maybe I’m just made to be a seed sower during my mission.

Anyways, time is on a spinning downward spiral right now and it has been ever since I hit the year mark, and in the offices it goes even faster. I will see you all in what will feel like tomorrow.

Peace out brown trout,

Smitty out

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