Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wesley's Letter 7-28-12


Right now I’m totes writing you from the air-conditioned mission offices here in the heart of Merida. And the rumors are true I’M THE NEW MATERIALS SECRETARY WHOOP, WHOOP!

This whole week has just been fun filled debauchery. I’m really going to miss my little seaside pueblo Champoton, and I’ve officially decided that it’s my favorite area that I’ve had so far in the mish. But I can go with the conscience knowing that I left it in a good state. The last three Sundays the chapel has been filling all the way up and also with the over flow. And good news, they’ve decided to make the chapel there bigger and it might even become a Ward soon. Also, I was sad to leave so many progressing investigators there but I guess the Lord has spoken and my time there was up.

But I really do feel like I had done my job there. Something that I’ve realized here is that you can feel it before you get transferred, something just tells you your time is up, especially because on my last day all of my converts there went to church. After church I had a good opportunity to go and visit a bunch of my converts. Right after the church I went to the families’ house we had just baptized on Saturday and we surprised the dad, Rigoberto, with some ties and we even gave him a suit jacket and pants from one of the other missionaries that had left it there in the house. It was a really cool experience seeing how they had changed. He expressed to us how grateful he was and he also told us that if it wasn’t for us showing up at his house a month and a half ago he might have lost his marriage because they were passing through some hard times and now they’re getting ready to get sealed in a year.

Then that night we ate dinner at another convert’s house named Yadira. And that also was a really cool experience, and now her daughter is planning on getting baptized very soon. I’ll miss it tons. By far my favorite area and I feel I had grown the most love towards the people there in that area than in any other one. Not because they’re better people, it’s just that I’ve grown.

So anyway here’s the what’s what about my new calling; so basically I’m here in the offices every day until 2:00 pm just running errands for the mission and here are my responsibilities:
Ordering and providing pamphlets and Book of Mormons for the entire mission
Todo moviliario (when an area gets closed I’ve got to go empty it of all the missions stuff)
Cell phones
Credencial cards

And with each of those comes a list of things to do but honestly I don’t feel that pressured. The sweet benefits of it are that I get to say farewell to and bring in all of the new guys. Something cool about that is that I’m here for a guaranteed 6 months.

Ya, so that means I’ll be the guy receiving Josh when he gets here WHOOP WHOOP! I won’t be training him, but I will literally be one of the first missionaries he sees here, and I’ll be the one to teach him how to tie a hammock when he sleeps here in the offices for the first night. Whoop whoop!

I’ve been crazy tired this week. We’ve been running all around town getting a group of missionaries ready to go home. On Thursday morning we woke up at 3:30 am just to get all of the guys ready to get through customs by 5:00am. It was sad I said bye to a ton of good missionary friends that morning. It was a group of about 15 that went home. And the sad part is that about half of them didn’t get through customs because some customs lady didn’t let them through so they got delayed and missed their flight. So President had to go drive them to Cancun to catch another flight there, so they’d get home that day and fortunately they all made it.

So, the offices aren’t as fun as they used to be but still are pretty fun. For example, there are only 2 of us here in the offices now, and the other secretaries here are an older couple. A sad thing is that they had just barely taken out the secretary van so now I won’t be driving, because some other nimwads crashed it! Also we don’t live here like past secretaries, we teach in the area Airport, so if you can find the airport in Merida, you can find my area. My area’s a little dead right now but we’ll see what we can do with it. I do eat a ton of food now and I do hang out with the assistants a lot more. It’s pretty chill. I think this week we’re going to go eat at a restaurant and next week we’re going to a zoo. Yep pretty cool stuff! Also I’m going to get my letters a lot faster now because I’m the guy that goes and distributes them out before sending them to all the zones in the mission.

Anyway my time writing is almost up. Just know a bunch more crazy stuff happened these last 2 weeks and I would share them with you, but I just don’t have time.

I got my package and stuff. It’s really the best!
Love ya.

For Josh, bring extra sunscreen, bug spray, jacket-no, but the thinnest rain coat you can get and I mean really the THINNEST or he will suffer in the hot rain!

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