Monday, July 9, 2012

Wesley's Letter 7-9-12

Sup fam and friends,

Just the same ol same ol here in Maya-land. This week we baptized Patricia and Ernesto, so that was real sweet. On Friday we went to the small pueblo of Sihochac to go see them get married. We left at like 10:30 am in a bus from like the fifties, after going down a small road and 40 minutes later, we got there.

Then when we got there they told us we were going to have to wait for a while because there wasn’t a single bus leaving from there until three. Ya pretty back-woods, anyway so they got married then after that at about 2:45 we went to the only bus stop in town and waited for an hour and a half. We gave up waiting and got a combi (its like a shuttle van) that was going to Campeche. Took that to the next closest bigger pueblo, then from there got a taxi that we took back to Champoton. We got back at like five.

Also this week there have been some heavy rainstorms rollin through. Last Monday I had just barely bought an umbrella and it only lasted one storm, before the wind broke it. Ha-ha so next package a new umbrella is what I want. But the sketchy part about the storms here is the lightning. From the same storm that broke my umbrella, lightning had apparently stuck a truck of some guys going home after work on the highway and it killed three of them. This being a small town, when some one dies it becomes big news. Two of the people we had talked to this week were either good friends with or cousins with one of the guys that had been killed. That’s some sad stuff.

Other news there’s been some recent civil unrest or something about some law, so now we missionaries were not allowed to go to any American stores, and if someone random starts to talk to us we have to keep walking because we don’t know if its some crazy weirdo or something. I have been noticing a lot more hostility recently towards us as gringos. Nothing too bad, but some guy came up to shake my hand the other day and as he shook it he called me some pretty bad words to my face as if I didn’t understand Spanish. I just kind of gave him a small glare then said bye in Spanish, but in a way to let him know I understood everything he told me.

Whelp out of time, don’t forget to write me. I haven’t gotten any letters from any friends in like some long while. Actually tell Matt Monahan I did get his card and that he’s awesome! Oh and that I would say hi to his comp if I was in Campeche, but I’m totally not. I’m in Champoton, it is a magical pueblo.

Write more,
Smith Out

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