Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wesley's Letter 7-16-12

Sup FAM and friends what’s good wit it?

¿Baáx kaualiíc sokuúmó?

This weeks been pretty chill. We’ve been doing some work and things have been pretty good down here. These last few days have been way too hot, holy moly ...like REALLY HOT!

Ya, so this last week we’ve been working really hard with the civil registry to help people get married. It’s been tons of work and pretty annoying but in the end it’s been worth it. So this next week we should be marrying 2 more couples then one more the week that follows. Also this week we’ve got some baptisms all planned out. We’re baptizing a young family, and a girl, that we’re helping to get married. It’s pretty legit.

I’m totally in love with this area! It’s interesting, pretty much 4 out of every 5 people I’ve baptized have been people that I had dropped (stopped teaching) as investigators because they had stopped progressing. Then after a month of letting them rethink their lives without the missionaries they realize how much harder their lives became without God’s help. Then they come back wiser and get baptized. This family is no exception. They totally didn’t do any of the homework we were leaving them and stopped progressing. Then we dropped them for a week. As we came back they were more receptive and now are the most awesome investigators we have! Their names are Rigoberto and Ruth and they are the chillest.

So the other day I looked at a calendar and I noticed that Josh is going to arrive here in only 2 transfers then he’ll be a little greeny hehe. Tell him I have 2 more suggestions: 1. One jacket wouldn’t be a bad idea because as he gets used to the summer heat here, and then winter comes you do get a little chilly. But just make sure you bring like a bed sheet because that’s about the perfect thickness you’re going to want as your blanket, for the heat, and the biggest reason is to keep the mosquitoes off of you. Also, second suggestion, buy a strong camera that’s like waterproof and won’t break when you drop it because, you’re going to want it while you’re here. Josh listen to my suggestions and you’ll skip the first 2 transfers of being a little greeny wuss and it’ll make everything a lot less horrible when you get here. The only reason it was so hard for me in the beginning is because I was really prideful and didn’t listen to others, also I didn’t have anyone in the mission field to give me hinters before the mission, so use this ADVICE.

I hope I’m training the transfer that you get here but I wouldn’t count on me training you because in this mission it’s extremely rare for a gringo to train a different gringo. Hope we’re in the same zone or something. See you in October. Actually I’m pretty sure you’re going to be in a pretty big generation because the biggest generation in the field is leaving the transfer that you get here.

Oh yeah, I don’t know if I told you guys yet but Elder Higginson is the new assistant.

I miss all of you so much. WRITE ME YOU LAZY FRIENDS!

All right that’s all I’ve gotta say about that,
Smitty out.

Ps. Mom be sure to give those cards to Brian and Alec

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