Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wesley's Letter July 2, 2012

Sup FAM and Friends,

Another week, another bunch of miracles, pretty legit. This week we didn’t baptize, but tomorrow were going to baptize a newly wed couple named Patricia and Ernesto and believe it or not were going to marry them the same day. They’re getting married in the morning and then baptized at like 4:00 in the afternoon. That’ll be a sweet baptism.

Here are some more picks of Yadira’s baptism and she got confirmed yesterday.

Everything was nuts this last week. Yesterday was election-day here. On election-day the entire city shuts down and no one goes outside and here’s the reason why. The high interest groups here pay guys to go around in trucks and destroy stuff from the other parties. It was pretty sketch. They throw rocks through windows. Yesterday as we were walking around and were literally the only people outside. Except for the people who would go to the voting office real fast, vote, and go home and lock their doors. I totally did see some of the gangs that everyone was talking about. They were in big ol’ trucks with about 12 guys in the bed with ski masks on. They didn’t do anything to us but it was still sketch.

The other pics are from Escarsega, and some from when we married Maria and Jerardo.

Sorry once again I’m all out of time but write me tons. Love you all.

Tell brain and Alec I think their cards got lost in the super efficient Mexican mailing system. So, I’m sorry.

Miss and love you all,
E. Smith

Wesley's shoes that have a 2 year warranty. They didn't quite make it to a year with all of the walking he has done!

Worn out socks.

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